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Our Mission

To make a global impact in the health and happiness of employees and cultivate company cultures that thrive because their people thrive. 


The key to A successful company Culture is employee well-being and Happiness


Paradigm Shift Wellness is a progressive corporate consulting firm that caters to forward-thinking companies to increase retention, enhance productivity, and attract top level talent to maintain a competitive edge.

We take a holistic approach to supporting employee well-being and happiness, to enable your business and employees to thrive by cultivating a new environment that runs on innovation, happiness and success.



Our programs include custom services ranging from executive and company-wide health coaching; to workshops, seminars, program implementations, and retreats.  Each program is uniquely customized to fit the financial goals and culture of the company.



Valerie Perea


Paradigm Shift Wellness was founded in 2016 by Valerie Perea, an entrepreneur in health and wellness, and former Marketing Manager at companies ranging from Fortune 100 to tech start-ups.  While working in corporate, Val recognized the need for more proactive workforce solutions to bridge the gap between the health and happiness of employees and the company culture. She developed programs that re-shaped company cultures by introducing the concept of employee happiness and well-being as the driving force of successful cultures. Val built resources groups, reverse mentoring programs, led speaking events and workshops on topics ranging from the generational gap, to burnout and building resiliency in the workplace. 

With her passion for helping corporate employees thrive, Val designed health coaching programs to work with corporate employees dealing with stress, burnout, body image issues, and substance abuse. She has received coaching credentials at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

With experience as a Marketing Manager in corporate, entrepreneur mindset,  and passion for company culture and health coaching, Val built her consulting business dream to cultivate company cultures that thrive on the happiness and well-being of employees.

Tessie Tracy


Serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Tessie cultivates successful company cultures through empowerment, self-discovery and lifting people to rise up and be the best version of themselves.

Tessie is a certified Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Coach and Eating Psychology Coach with a passion for helping people transform their unique relationship with their body and food.  She is a huge believer in developing habits that lead us to discover and bring forth our fullest human potential.

One of her biggest passions is bringing forth what she calls 'new'trition. It's a cutting edge approach routed in science, and challenges our 'calories in vs. calories out', one-size-fits-all, and magic pill approach to weight loss and health. Instead of joining the 95% of people who revert back to old behaviors after 'dieting', Tessie's clients create lasting results with her clients.

She has worked with employees from Snap Chat, Twitter, Jib Jab, Tracey Edmonds Ent., McKitty Dermatology, and Kenneth Dolin Photography. Some of Tessie's coaching clients include Max Greenfield from 'New Girl', the Biggest Loser's Bob Harper, and music mogul Babyface.


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